Team Building at Stanley Head

A group of children from across Stoke on Trent returned to  Stanley Head Outdoor Education Centre during the summer holiday, working with partners to develop their team skills and plan new activities.

The group was supported by  Stoke on Trent City Council – Stanley Head Staff, the Coop Community Fund (Fenton) the Community Foundation for Staffordshire  and Staffordshire Police.

From making the beds to ascending the climbing wall and stacking crates the children depended on each other for help, encouragement and support.

 IMG_3402  IMG_3435  IMG_3626  I'll get to the top

This year the young people enjoyed axe throwing and archery along with canoeing, nightline, woodland challenge and mountain biking.

Sessions with Staffordshire Police PCSO Paul Washington taught the children how to search for primary and secondary sources of evidence, taking their own fingerprints and using adhesive tape to lift fingerprints from an item.

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